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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Welcome to the Videoblog Workshop

In the interest of thinking critically about the work that we make, I've set up this Videoblog Workshop. Here's the basic idea. If you have a videoblog that you would like to get some constructive feedback on and/or would like to participate in a discussion to help people make thier videos the best they can be, ask me to join this blog. In order to maintain a safe space for people to offer their work for review, I'll be moderating the discussion following the Critical Response format developed by Liz Lerman and limiting it to members of the blog. The public can look in on the discussion but cannot comment. The main thrust is to help people make their videos better. The idea is not to help people make the video the way you would make it - it's to help people make their video better, doing it the way they want to do it.

Please read this article outlining the process we'll be using - Toward a Process for Critical Response. We will be focusing on steps 1 - 4. Since this is new, I'll think we'll start out with just one video to review and see how it goes. If it seems like we can handle multiple videos at once, I'll add more.

In addition to offering a video for feedback, members of the blog can post any video that they think represents something done well that we can all learn from. For these posts, I ask that people write a thoughtful review of what they think is important about that example.

So this is a starting point. Let's see how it goes. If we need to change things, we will. Let's figure it out together.


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